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Monday, 17 February 2020

Sudden Death of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.

Death is inevitable, and It comes when It's time. This statement is agreed upon by everyone but often at times, we see people fighting, crying and blaming others on its arrival. 

Certainly, no doubt that the pain of losing loved ones is unbearable, but the cause of death also plays a significant role. If it is caused by a person; he will face harsh consequences. Just like the death of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has become a controversy.

The first democratically elected president and chief Muslim Brotherhood official Mohamed Morsi died on 17th June 2019. Unfortunately, he was arrested after the 2013 military coup.
He was accused of leaking state secrets to Qatar, killing protesters during a sit-in outside the presidential palace, and spying for Hamas. He was facing trial in several cases and was sentenced to another two years in prison.
On Monday, Morsi was attending a session in his trial on espionage charges. The Egyptian state newspaper reported that the Egyptian President fainted and died after the case was adjourned. His body was then moved to the hospital. According to Egypt's public prosecutor, Morsi was pronounced dead on arrival at a Cario hospital, after he fainted inside defendants "cage" in the courtroom.

The death of Egyptian President became a topic of controversy when people made claims that he was murdered. Erdogan claimed; Morsi was murdered because he flailed on the court for 20 minutes the authorities denied helping him. Also, the UN called for a "thorough and transparent investigation" into the death of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, drawing criticism from Egypt, which accused the UN of seeking to "politicise" his death.  The investigation is going on, and we hope that the Egyptian President gets justice.

The Biggest Protest In Hong Kong History

The protest in Hong Kong is about an extradition bill which would allow residents and visitors to be sent for trial to mainland China. 

2 Million protesters in a city of total population of 7 million. 2 out of 7 people are out on the road fighting for their rights in Hong Kong.

It all began when the Hong Kong government introduced a bill authorizing extradition to mainland China. This extradition bill would allow residents and visitors to be sent for trial to mainland China. According to the Hong Kong government, they just wanted to align the city's law with International standard and fill the loopholes in the city's law. But the people of Hong Kong don't buy that. They started protesting against the government and making sure that the extradition does not get passed.

According to the civilians, this bill will take the freedom of speech and it will be misused by making wrong claims on journalists, political leaders and the general public. The people rose up to defiance, jamming the streets with as many as 2 million people. The government reacted in violence ordering use of 150 tear gas in a single night.

Seeing the outcry of the public government suspended the extradition bill. Lam also issued a formal apology.  A government statement said she “pledged to adopt a most sincere and humble attitude to accept criticisms and make improvements in serving the public.” But the protesters realised that her apology doesn't extend to harsh measures of police resulted in the killing of people.

Now, the protesters are demanding the resignation of Lam who insisted on pushing through the bill despite the initial public outcry.

Area 51

Area 51 is a highly classified remote detachment in the United States Air Force. It's been a top secret place of the government, and no one is allowed to enter except officials. People have assumed that there is the existence of aliens and dangerous experiments are done in Area 51. Also, Many movies are built on this phenomenon making the people more curious about the area.

Social media was flooded with memes of Area 51 when a meme page on Facebook created an event, "Storm Area 51, they can't stop all of us". Further, it said if enough people attempted to access the highly secured US research facility. The government will not be able to prevent people from entering the area. And maybe they will discover the rumoured weapons or evidence of Aliens.

Since the event was created, about 250,000 people got interested in the event, and thousands agreed to participate in the event. For the record, the event was fake and made just for fun.

The Internet found it pleasantly entertaining and has made memes out of it; relating to how the military will block people and how people will react.

Russia-China 'joint air patrol' turns into a Political Issue

Russia confirms on carrying out its first-ever joint air patrol with china, inducing both Japan and South Korea to send jets in response. This first long-range air patrol resulted in the firing of around a hundred warning shots, and a protest from Japan.

The Russian Defence Minister confirmed that the air patrol was determined over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. This operation took place with four bombers, supported by fighter jets. In retaliation, South Korea's jets fired machine-gun and flares warning shots. Japan has criticised and protested against South Korea and Russia over the incident.

The alleged intrusion took place over the disputed Dokdo/Takeshima islands, which are claimed by Japan and occupied by South Korea.

According to South Korea on Tuesday morning, the Russian and Chinese trespassed the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone (KADIZ). Also, the A-50 Russian warplane twice violated its airspace.

Denying to all such accusations,  Russia's Ministry of Defense concluded that the long-range air patrol was not aimed at another country, and accused South Korean pilots of being reckless.

Further, Japan also condemned South Korea for taking action against a Russian plane over what Japan claims is its airspace.

US government takes adequate action against Inmates

The US Federal Government has decided to carry on executing death-row prisoners, after a long 16-year break. 

The Bureau of Prison (BOP) has been directed by Attorney General William Barr to make arrangements for the executions of five inmates. These five inmates had been pronounced guilty of murders or rapes. Their executions have been planned for December 2019 and January 2020.

This announcement uplifts the ongoing informal moratorium death sentence as upheld to state-directed executions. 

According to Robert Dunham from the Death Penalty Information, the judgment didn't come as a shock as President Trump is a firm supporter of capital punishments and has proposed some utmost uses of it. In the past, he has displayed a tough attitude towards criminals. He also believes that they are handled very tenderly and provided with too many opportunities. So the biggest wonder is that what it took so long.  

The Federal Government has instructed the prison administrations to use a single drug cocktail rather than the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions. This drug works as a sedative that slows down every part of the human body leading to death. 

Resuming the execution death-row of criminals will surely impact them. Maybe they will think twice before committing a crime, or they will simply not occur it because of fear. Also, the government owes to the victims and their families to make the criminals pay for their crime. Murders and rapes should not be overlooked, and harsh judgement should be taken. In this way, our society will make progress and crime rates will fall in the future.

A$AP Rocky faces charges

A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Myers, got arrested on 3 July due to a fight that was caught on video in Sweden. Best known for his song "Praise the Lord", the 30-year-old musician is in custody.

After that, a video was uploaded on the internet showing A$AP Rocky punching another man in the street. Following that other videos were uploaded. It came out the rapper, and his team were constantly telling the other men to stop following them. On the other hand, one of them blames rappers team of breaking his headphones.

One of the videos posted by Rocky's Instagram handle includes the caption, " We don't know these guys, and we didn't want trouble. They followed us for four blocks". 

Chandrayaan 2

On 22nd July 2019, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) conducted India's second lunar exploration mission "Chandrayaan-2". 

However, the launch was initially planned for 14th July 2019, but due to some technical glitch, it was then rescheduled. The primary objective of Chandrayaan-2 is to manifest, that it is capable of a soft landing on the lunar surface, and a robotic rover is capable of being operated on the surface.

The ambitious low-cost space programme took flight in the sky racing the heartbeats of a billion hearts. Chandrayaan-2 was launched from the spaceport in Sriharikota with its powerful rocket GSLV-Mklll-M1. 
If the mission turns out successful, India will become the fourth country after the US, Russia and China to make a soft landing on the Moon's surface. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter that this is a historic moment for India. Also, the whole country is proud of the successful launch of Chandrayaan 2. He congratulated the scientists who have been working so hard for this mission to succeed.

The U.S. Embassy of India also congratulated on India's giant leap.

The first lunar mission "Chandrayaan-1" in 2008 was not able to land on the lunar surface, but it succeeded in carrying out a detailed search for water on the Moon using radars. Chandrayaan-2 will move a step forward and examine the south pole of the Moon.

North Korea Gives Warning

On Thursday, North Korea conducted a test of two short-range missiles. These missiles flew into the sea of Japan, also called as East Sea by South Korea and East Sea of Korea by North Korea. These missiles were carried on to give a solemn warning to South Korea. Also, described as South Korean Warmongers by North Korea.

In response, South Korea says that the two missiles fired by North Korea were a "new type of short-range missile" and it poses a military threat & risks peace on the Korean Peninsula.

According to Leader Jong-un, his country was compelled to build weapons to eliminate potential threats. He is happy with the performance of new weapons and believes that it won't be easy to defend against it.
He further gave direct warning to South Korea that it should not make a mistake of ignoring the warnings.

The projectile launch can be due to the planned military exercises taking place between the US and South Korea. This could have made North Korea angry.


It's been weeks since the fire broke out in the Amazon rainforest, but still, it's raging and is not under control. Also at the beginning of August, Brazil declared the state of emergency in the Amazon Rainforest region. 

This unfortunate event happened after the G7 world leaders decided to offer $20 million aid to Brazil. But recently Brazil President, Jair Bolsonaro put down the offer commenting that Europe should try to focus on reforestation of their colonies. 

According to Brazil's National Institute of Space Research (INPE), Amazon rainforest faced an increase in fires by 85% as compared to the previous year. So far more than 80,000 fires in the country have been detected by INPE this year. The Amazon Rainforest is blazing tremendously that it can be seen easily by space. 

As the news took over the Internet. Social Media platforms were flooded with opinions on the Amazon rainforest fire breakout. A lot of Social Media influencers rose their voice on the Amazon rainforest fire and called for immediate action. People in many countries came out in the streets urging the governments to give support to Brazil for tackling the Amazon rainforest fire.  

Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom tweeted that he is helping Brazil on the Amazon rainforest fire issue. 

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the prominent environmentalists broke out the news on Instagram about the Amazon rainforest fire.

If you think that the Amazon rainforest fire is the problem of Brazil not you, then we would suggest that you think again. Amazon rainforest generates 20% of the world's oxygen and is the home of 10% of the world's biodiversity. 

Any tragedy or destruction of the Amazon rainforests will surely affect the environment and give rise to pollution. This will absolutely affect our day to day lives. The Amazon rainforest fire isn't just a local problem, but an international crisis.

If you think knowing about the crisis, and having sympathy about it will do. The answer is definitely a big NO. We have to come forward. So here is the list of things you can do.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, "If you want to change the world, start with yourself"

1. The first thing you can do is start donating and urging others to donate to the frontline Amazon organisations working on to defend the forest and help tackle the Amazon rainforest fire issue.

2. You have to start consuming information about what's happening around and start working about it. Also, you can become a supporter of the Rainforest Alliance Community Forestry.

3. Support and elect those leaders who are well informed about the issues, and who understand the urgency of our climate crisis.

4. Create a change in your habits. Adopt those habits which are more environmentally friendly. For example,  purchasing those goods which friendly to the environment and reducing as well as reusing the available resources.

These are a great way to start!

Hong Kong #Metoo

A few thousand individuals have come out on streets in Hong Kong to challenge asserted sexual savagery by police during the previous long periods of shows. 

The rally was charged as a #MeToo occasion, resounding worldwide dissents to end rape and badgering. 

Coordinators said around 30,000 individuals visited, while police put the figure at 11,500, nearby media state. 

Hong Kong Police said they regarded the privileges of individuals in confinement and had not gotten formal grumblings. 

At Wednesday's rally, a few participants told the group they had been abused by cops. 

As per the South China Morning Post, one lady separated in tears as she blamed police for leading a pointless strip-search. Police authorities had denied her claims on Tuesday, saying their video film did not bolster her record. 

Another speaker said her clothing had been uncovered while she was hauled away by police, and said officials offended her and called her a whore. 

"I revealed to them I was wearing a dress and requested that they let me walk. Be that as it may, obviously, they played hard of hearing," reports cited her as saying. 

"I am not embarrassed about discussing what happened that night since I didn't commit any errors. I am not a weakling. I needn't bother with individuals to feel for me." 

The counter government mobilises in Hong Kong have every now and again swelled into brutality among police and activists, with wounds on the two sides. 
As police discharged gas and slugs, activists retaliated by tossing blocks, firebombs and different items. On Wednesday, police said 900 individuals had been captured since the challenges started. 

Demonstrators have over and over blamed the police for severity, and are requesting a free request. 

At a different challenge sorted out by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, many individuals reprimanded Cathay Pacific Airways for expelling staff who partook in or upheld against government mobilises. 

South Korea Fertility Crisis

Individuals in South Korea are having fewer infants and that is an issue.

The nation's absolute ripeness rate a year ago tumbled to its most minimal since records started, the legislature said on Wednesday.
The absolute richness rate estimates the normal number of kids a lady will have in her lifetime. In 2018, this dropped to 0.98 - or short of what one child for every lady, and a drop from the earlier year's pace of 1.05. 

This implies 8.7% less children were conceived in South Korea in 2018 contrasted with 2017.
As indicated by the administration report, which has been assembled every year since 1970, the ripeness rate for ladies in their late 20s has fallen the most honed.
America simply had its most minimal number of births in 32 years, report finds
America simply had its most minimal number of births in 32 years, report finds
This record low puts South Korea close to the base of least fruitfulness rates on the planet. It was even lower than Japan, which has battled with low fruitfulness for a considerable length of time, and which had a pace of 1.42 in 2018. 

To place that into point of view, the 2018 fruitfulness rate was 1.72 in the United States. In some African nations, which see the most noteworthy ripeness numbers on the planet, the rate can go up 5 or 6.
To keep up a steady populace, nations need a fruitfulness pace of 2 - anything over that shows populace development.
This isn't only an accident for South Korea - its statistic emergency has been working for some time. The 2017 pace of 1.05 was likewise a record low at the time, while the death rate bounced a record high. 

The ascent of South Korea's 'recluse' culture
At the same time, the existing people keeps on maturing. The quantity of South Koreans over age 65 dwarfed youth ages 0 to 14 without precedent for 2017, with the older making up 13.6% all things considered. 
Korea isn't the only one in confronting this issue - Japan, as well, has battled for quite a long time with a maturing populace, contracting workforce, and low birth rates. The two nations have been on a statistic decay since the 1970s. By 2065, Japan's populace is relied upon to drop from 127 million to around 88 million.

Jessi Combs Death

US race vehicle driver and TV character Jessi Combs has been found dead in an accident while endeavouring to set another land speed record. 

Her family affirmed that she had caught into an accident in a  vehicle in south-east Oregon, however further details were not disclosed. 

In an announcement, the family said they recollected her "splendid grin and energy". 

Jessi, 39, had been named the "quickest lady on four wheels". 

She earned the title in 2013 when she arrived at 398 mph (641km/h). Jessi was attempting to beat that speed and the total ladies' territory speed record of 512 mph (824km/h) - set by Kitty O'Neil in 1976 - when she smashed. 

"Jessi's most striking dream was to turn into the quickest lady on Earth, a fantasy she had been pursuing since 2012... furthermore, she left this Earth driving quicker than some other lady ever," her family said. 

"Tragically we lost her yesterday in a terrible mishap, I was the first there and trust me we did everything humanly conceivable to spare her," he said in an Instagram post on Wednesday. She had been chronicling her endeavour to set another land-speed record at the hour of her demise. 

She went to Wyoming's WyoTech school and graduated top of her group with a degree in Custom Automotive Fabrication. The school's showcasing office enlisted her soon subsequently to manufacture a vehicle without any preparation for philanthropy, propelling her metalworking vocation. 

Jessi before long started showing up on various TV programs, serving for a period as co-host of the arrangement Xtreme 4x4, where she flaunted her abilities fabricating and adjusting autos for rough terrain dashing. 

Be that as it may, her time on the arrangement nearly finished in misfortune. A bit of hardware fell on her in the studio and broke her spine, nearly incapacitating her. She quit the show in 2008 subsequent to making a full recuperation. 
She proceeded to show up in various different arrangement, including Overhaulin', All Girls Garage and Myth busters. 

Previous Myth busters have Adam Savage called her "a splendid and first rate manufacturer, engineer, driver, fabricator, and science communicator" in a tweet, including that "we are lesser for her nonappearance". 

Jessi Combs supported other ladies into the metalworking industry. She was one of the makers of Real Deal, a program to show building abilities to ladies. As indicated by the site, Real Deal is tied in with "breaking generalisations" and "positive pictures". 

She allegedly figured out how to arrive at 483 mph in a past endeavour to break her record, in spite of the fact that the speed was not formally approved because of a mechanical issue. "It might appear to be somewhat insane to walk straightforwardly into the line of flame... the individuals who are ready, are the individuals who accomplish extraordinary things. Individuals state I'm insane. 

Measles Outbreak

Measles has come back to four of the European countries which was formerly observed as free of the disease, as per the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The infection is never is now active in Albania, the Czech Republic, Greece, and the UK. "We are moving towards the past, we are on an incorrect track," said Kate O'Brien of the WHO's Immunization Department. Measles is a profoundly infectious and conceivably lethal disease that causes hacking, rashes and fever. But the sickness can be fought through two portions of the MMR antibody, which is accessible for free to every single small kid in the UK. 

For what reason is the UK seeing an increase in measles cases? The nations that trust antibodies the least .Nations are announced without measles when there is no endemic transmission for a year in a particular geographic region. Ms. O'Brien said each of the four European countries that have lost their measles free status has "incredibly high" inoculation inclusion. "This is the alert that is ringing far and wide: having the option to accomplish high national inclusion isn't sufficient, it must be accomplished in each network, and each family for each kid," she said. Well being specialists caution that lies about the measles immunization have enabled the disease to spread in specific zones or networks. 

What are the numbers? All districts of the world demonstrated an expansion in measles bar the Americas, which saw a minor decay - although the US enrolled its most astounding number of cases in 25 years. Near 365,000 cases have been accounted for overall this year, the WHO stated, just about three-fold the number of as in the principal half of 2018. Measles is effectively preventable through inoculation or vaccination.Dr. O'Brien accused falsehood about antibodies and called for web-based life organizations and network pioneers to give "exact, legitimate, deductively valid data". The Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, and Ukraine are enduring the biggest episodes of measles. 

Also the quantities of measles cases were relentlessly declining worldwide until 2016 when the ailment started a resurgence. World Health Organisation (WHO) authorities said the explanations behind the reestablished spread fluctuate from nation to nation. A few people need access to immunization programs, while others are misled about the disease and how to avoid it.

Trump Statue

A wooden statue of the US president has been worked in his better half's nation of origin of Slovenia, isolating supposition there. 

The almost 26ft (8m) tall statue was developed on private land and delineates Donald Trump with a square head and jaw, bringing his clench hand up noticeable all around. The craftsman behind the statue revealed to AFP news organisation he needed it to fill in as a remark on populist legislative issues. 

It comes after a joking statue of Mr. Trump's significant other was raised in the nation. The model of Melania, cut out of a tree trunk on the edges of the place where she grew up of Sevnica, saw her wearing a blue coat with a club-like hand motioning to the sky. A few inhabitants named it "disfavour", and said it looked more like a Smurfette than the US first woman. 

The new statue of the US president has worked in the town of Sela Pri Kamniku, around 20 miles (32km) north-east of the capital Ljubljana. Its maker, Tomaz Schlegl, disclosed to AFP that it was implied as a remark on populism. 

"Just because since World War II populism is winning: take a gander at [British Prime Minister Boris] Johnson, take a gander at Trump, our leader or [Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor] Orban. Where is this world heading?" he said. "We need to open individuals' eyes about what majority rules system is." The statue of Mr. Trump demonstrates him wearing a blue suit and red tie, and pausing dramatically reminiscent of New York's Statue of Liberty. Mr. Schlegl said an instrument inside the wooden structure enables its outward appearance to change from "in all respects well disposed of during the week to extremely frightening throughout the ends of the week", symbolising the lip service of populist government officials. 

Be that as it may, the statue has an isolated feeling. AFP saw a furious occupant driving his tractor into it this week as arrangements were in progress for its introduction on Saturday. Some online pundits have criticised the "misuse of wood" and said it ought not to have been assembled. "Our increasingly conventional neighbours, nation society, guarantee It is terrible and state it doesn't fit in this wonderful scene," Mr. Schlegl said.

Huawei Next Phone

Huawei's next leader cell phone won't accompany Google's prevalent applications including Maps and YouTube. 

It likewise implies the following Huawei telephone won't approach the Google Play application store, which could leave clients without access to other prevalent applications

Experts propose Huawei will battle to sell a telephone without Google's applications. 

The US government limited American organizations from offering items and administrations to Huawei in May, referring to national security concerns, which Huawei rejects. 

President Donald Trump said a month ago that a few exceptions would be permitted. 

Be that as it may, US authorities have not allowed any licenses to exchange with Huawei, notwithstanding accepting in excess of 130 solicitations. 

Huawei: UK to settle on 5G choice 'by the harvest time' 

Huawei declares its new Harmony working framework 

The Android working framework is open-source programming, so any maker can offer it on their cell phone or tablet. Be that as it may, organizations need a concurrence with Google to incorporate its well-known applications, for example, Maps, Play, Search, Photos, Play Store and YouTube. Google has not said whether it has connected for authorization to offer its applications to Huawei. 33

Huawei claimed in an event: "Huawei will keep on utilizing the Android OS and biological system if the US government enables us to do as such. Else, we will keep on building up our very own working framework and environment." 

It has set up a site named Huawei Answers to address purchaser worries about the organization's association with Android. 

"Any individual who has just purchased, or is going to purchase a Huawei cell phone, can keep on getting to the universe of applications as they have constantly done. 

"All gadgets keep on being secured by our maker's guarantee and will get full administration support appropriately," the organization said.

Generation X

The current generation which is called by Millineals has tenaciously been at the focal point of marking and promoting discussions in the course of the most recent couple of years. Advertisers won't quit discussing them - regularly with confused and unwarranted speculations.

This degree of hyper centre, and what some may call a touch of frenzy, is nothing unexpected: This age of more than 70 million people is anticipated to overwhelm       Gen X-ers in size and are uncontrollably extraordinary in their frames of mind and practices. They're so not quite the same as their antecedents that we keep on being intrigued by them, always dismembering and reanalysing their activities to locate the most ideal approaches to an interface. Things being what they are, what's becoming mixed up in the mix? Or on the other hand rather, whom?

Age X (ages 38-53) has basically tumbled off the radar among advertisers. They are frequently alluded to as the "bum age" or the "overlooked centre youngster." For our childhood and youthful adulthood, people born after WW2 sucked up all the oxygen in the room, commanding our political, instructive, business and social fields. We were constantly under the shadow of boomers.

A significant number of us grew up as latchkey kids with the two guardians working or as a feature of a separated from the family unit. We saw the start of ATMs, began our vocations around the website blast (and a few busts too), carried around huge mobile phone bags and arrived at adulthood exactly when the web turned into an everyday part of life. We saw the Berlin Wall fell, the Cold War ended, Communism breaks down and saw the part of the bargain South Africa, all to the scenery of grunge and thwarted expectation.

This social scenery has characterised a "buckle down, play hard" age that is presently at the zenith of their vocations. A large number of us are mortgage holders and have groups of our own. Along these lines, here we sit in this incredible time with cash, assets, and impact, despite everything we aren't in the standard discussion. We've watched the way of life intrigue move from boomers to twenty to thirty-year-olds like we're a flyover state.

Regardless of late examinations demonstrating that Gen Xers keep on battling with obligation, a portion of these investigations likewise demonstrate that they aren't also stressed over this obligation. Despite the fact that they are attempting to put something aside for retirement, they are very much situated to turn into the wealthiest age - above boomers - inside the following couple of years.

Gen Xers additionally affect different ages, which makes them ground-breaking. Generally, 50% of Gen Xers are monetarily supporting both a parent and a kid simultaneously, settling on budgetary choices that can influence every one of the three ages. What's more, as announced by Business Insider, Gen Xers get fundamentally more cash-flow every year than their more youthful partners. In my home territory of California, Gen X labourers take in an astounding $18,000 all the more yearly by and large. Of course, they spend all the more as well, averaging 11% more than children of post-war America and 33% more than recent college grads.

Furthermore, our age is ready to turn into the overwhelming gathering of running organisations and legislative issues. All in all, for what reason do despite everything we feel like Ducky at the prom from the 80s religion great Pretty In Pink? Adroit advertisers would do well to recall Gen Xers, like a spending powerhouse as well as a solid impact on different ages.

Here are a few hints for connecting with this overlooked age:

Try not to erase Facebook.

There is no uncertainty that Gen Xers are mechanically wise, however customary web-based showcasing techniques still work viably with this gathering. They are bound to respond to internet-based life-promoting on online stages, for example, Facebook and, somewhat, Instagram. Facebook is particularly an engaging source surrendered they make the most elevated grouping of clients, around 45 million.

Impart through email.

Email showcasing interchanges is likewise an increasingly viable channel for this gathering as they are continually browsing email both at work and home and over the majority of their gadgets (cell phone, iPad, Apple Watch, and so forth.). We were there when email as a type of correspondence was made and it keeps on having a major impact on our lives.

Offer coupons.

Gen Xers still prefer to get a decent arrangement and, truly, this implies coupons. While it may not resemble your grandmother's coupon cutting record box with scraps cut from flyers or papers, it's not very far away. This gathering is happy to scan the web to search for cost investment funds from coupon codes offered on the web or advanced coupons.

Reward their dedication.

Gen Xers like dedication programs and the essential drivers are to set aside cash and get grants for buys they make. In an ongoing report about steadfastness, over 88% of Gen Xers join unwavering ness projects to set aside cash, with the prizes coming in as a nearby second at 71%. Brands ought to consider this conduct and advance to this age with remunerations programs that resound on these levels.

Straddle block and-cement and on the web.

This age grew up wanting to shop at shopping centres and, of any age, they are still all around prone to appreciate shopping face to face. Be that as it may, they have consistently grasped web-based shopping, making them a half and half age. They are likewise bound to make spontaneous buys at in-store than some other age while they are shopping.

Gen Xers are a power to be figured with. They have gigantic purchasing force and impact over different ages and are relied upon to live longer than boomers. Brands and advertisers ought not to overlook this age and need to see how this gathering is developing. They need to be heard, not overlooked, and advertisers would do well to focus.

Clash At Amity

What may seem a small parking dispute at first turned out to a National Issue. 

At Amity University, a girl named Komal had parked her car improperly in the parking. Some boys came and asked her to move her car so they can park their own. The girl ignored them and didn't care. The boys decided to take the issue to the guard. The guard supported them and forced the girl to move her car.

The girl after being forced to move her car started abusing the two, and said: " Tumhe To me Tumhaari Aukaat Dikha ke Rahungi".
Meaning, I will make you realize your worth.

After that, she called 25-30 boys. The came into the college and started beating the boys. The boys were brutally hit. They are now hospitalised.

What shocked all the people that the girl had already registered a complaint against the boys for molestation charges. Noida police have started carrying investigation into the matter. Social media broke out in support of the two boys Harsh & Madhav and criticised the girl. Amity University was trending for a day after this unfortunate event happened.

People started raising their voice against fake feminism. Many hashtags became trending on Twitter.

A video was circulated on various social media platforms explaining what happened at Amity University.

Heatwave kills 1500 in France

France recorded a death toll of 1465 people this year due to heatwaves in June and July. 

This has been confirmed by the country's health minister that all the deaths were due to heatwaves. 

Agn├Ęs Buzyn on the radio told that half of the people dead were above the age of 75. He also further stated that due to preventive measures taken by the government the deaths were 10 times lower than the year 2003. The year when the deadly heatwave hit Europe. 

The highest ever temperature was  46 C (114.8 F) in July. Paris, the capital of France also observed a record high temperature of 42.6 C (108.7 F) in July.

iPhone 11

Apple has launched its new iPhone 11 with 3 storage variants. 

On Tuesday, Apple launched its new successor iPhone 11 after iPhone XR. According to Apple, the iPhone XR was its biggest selling smartphone in 2018. Also, the iPhone 11 comes with 3 variants. The 3 variants are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max.

Cost of iPhone 11 
iPhone 11 starts at Rs 64,900 in India and at $699 (around Rs 50,000) in the United States for ROM 64 GB variant. The other two variants consist of 128 GB and 256 GB ROM. They are priced at $799 and $849 in the United States. These iPhones come with 6 colors to choose I.e. Purple, White, Green, Yellow, Black and Red. 

It's said that iPhone 11 is jam-packed comprising of various new features like the brand-new dual rear camera setup, Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos support, and improved battery life.


Display-                                                         6.10-inch

Front Camera-                                         12-megapixel

Rear Camera-                          12-megapixel + 12-megapixel

Storage-                                     64 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB

OS-                                                                   iOS 13

Resolution-                                            828 x 1792 pixels