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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Kerala man spends more than 4 hours with 60,000 bees covered in face, set world record.

In Pic : New World record for keeping the bees on head for the longest duration. Nature MS.

Nature MS, a beekeeper, spent four hours ten minutes and five seconds with his head immersed in a swarm of bees to set the world record. 

Only thinking of seeing a swarm of bees can bring chills down one's spine, but this Keralan man won a Guinness World Record for spending four hours with his head covered with bees. Nature MS, a beekeeper, recorded four hours ten minutes and five seconds with his head buried in a swarm of bees to set a new record, according to the world record website.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Nature MS said he considered bees his 'best friends' and wished people could love the insect just as much as he did.

The 24-year-old man praises his beekeeper and honey maker father Sajayakumar for introducing him to bees at a young age and training him how to act around them. 

Nature MS was 7 when he began to keep the bees on his face. Talking from his first journey, Nature MS said he put a queen bee on his hand, after which his arm was covered with a whole swarm. He said, "They were in my hand looking for the queen and defending her. I attempted a similar trick on my head the next day with the queen and in a few moments my entire head and face got covered with bees."

He made a real effort to set a new world record to spread awareness of apiculture and the significance of bees as "honeybees are the main insects in society, it is our responsibility to protect them.