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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Lion cub 's legs are fractured by captors to stop him from running and hiding from pictures taken by tourists.

                         Representational Pic.

A lion cub is learning to walk again in Russia after its hind legs have been broken to keep it from running away from people taking pictures. In a case of animal cruelty that shocked even country president Vladimir Putin, the lion cube was beaten up to allow visitors to take pictures of it. The president himself had heard of the violence and requested an investigation on the case.

The cub named Simba was a couple of weeks old when it got separated from its mother, according to the Daily Mail. The cub was then forced by his captors to take pictures, who beat it and broke its hind legs to prevent it from escaping as it grew bigger and older.

The seriously abused cub, who also suffered significant injuries on his spine as a result of their captor 's relentless violence, was then abandoned by them in a freezing barn in Dagestan. The website quoted Yulia Ageeva, who led a rescue effort to save the cub, saying the lion was seriously malnourished when found. "He was practically unfed and was continuously dumped in the frost water for some purpose’’, she said.

In pic : A still from Dr. Karen Dallakyan, instagram video, he posted of the lion cub recovery.

Simba was then moved to Karen Dallakyan, a specialist vet who performed an operation on him, to allow him to walk again. The vet posted a couple of videos on his Instagram page where Simba learns to reuse his legs and learn to walk after the surgery again.

During a video conference with ecologists, the vet also briefed Vladimir Putin on the lion cub, during which he also said that he 'did not see criminal case opened.' Putin also told the vet that he marked the point down and ordered a investigation on the incident.