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Are You A Content Writer ?
Content Writer Program

Today, the ability to write compelling content is strong. You've probably heard that in this century, "Content is King." However, the majority of content authors lack a proper venue to showcase their abilities. Additionally, if you have proper guidance, content writing and blogging may be a full-time career.

With our blog Content Writer Program, Zyapme wants to give you the tools and support you need to pursue your passions while making working as a freelancer. The following perks, which you would get by joining us through our Content Writer Program.

  • Training on Blogging .

  • Feedback and improvements to drive more traffic to your blog posts.

  • We'll provide you tips on how to create blog posts and articles that are keyword-rich and SEO-friendly.

  • For the content you intend to create, we will propose the ideal keywords with high traffic and little competition.

  • We use ads for website monetization, such as Google advertisements, affiliate ads, premium content, etc., with the appropriate density so that it won't degrade the website's performance.

What's Special About Our  Program?

Mobile Friendly Design

Search Engine Optimized 

Database Backup

Blog Monetization

Keyword Research & Suggesions for each Blog Post

How does it work ?

Step 1

You'll submit a program application.

Step 3

We will put a Project Overview for your first blog. We will be finalizing the titles and keywords for the first two blog articles.

Step 5

You will submit a second piece, and our suggestions will be put into practice. Publication of your article.

Step 2

Your request will be examined and accepted.

Step 4

Your first article will be submitted, and our suggestions will be put into practice. Onboarding process will begin.

Step 6

When a website starts receiving visitors from Google searches on your blog, monetization will be enabled. Normally, it takes a few months. Payouts will be processed based quarterly based on the performance.

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