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2020, End of World ?

The Annular Solar Eclipse 2020 is set to take place on 21 June. Well, reports are widespread that the doomsday is near and the world will end this year, to be specific on June 21.

Many have said for a long time that a total solar eclipse will mean the end of the planet. Find out why many fear a complete solar eclipse is the end of the planet.

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Remember the Mayan calendar that predicted the end of the planet on 21 December 2012? According to new expert predictions, what was considered December 2012 was in fact June 2020. That means the world 's end is near.

The new conspiracy theory also incorporates the idea of the Mayan calendar that NASA swept aside by providing evidence.

Ancient Fears

Back in the 7th Century BC, the movement of a total solar eclipse over the Greek island of Paros triggered the poet Archilocus to write: "Nothing in the world can surprise me now. For Zeus, the Olympian 's father, turned midday into black night by shielding light from the blossoming Sun, and now dark terror hangs over mankind.’’

Wipe away evil

Many in ancient times performed different practices during an eclipse in what they called 'wading away the devil.' In Western Asia the belief was that the dragon was devouring the sun. In China a heavenly dog has been said to bit the sun. It was described as a puma in Peru while the Vikings said two wolves took it upon themselves.

2020, is getting challenging day by day.

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