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Clash At Amity

What may seem a small parking dispute at first turned out to a National Issue.

At Amity University, a girl named Komal had parked her car improperly in the parking. Some boys came and asked her to move her car so they can park their own. The girl ignored them and didn't care. The boys decided to take the issue to the guard. The guard supported them and forced the girl to move her car.

The girl after being forced to move her car started abusing the two, and said: " Tumhe To me Tumhaari Aukaat Dikha ke Rahungi".

Meaning, I will make you realize your worth.

After that, she called 25-30 boys. The came into the college and started beating the boys. The boys were brutally hit. They are now hospitalised.

What shocked all the people that the girl had already registered a complaint against the boys for molestation charges. Noida police have started carrying investigation into the matter. Social media broke out in support of the two boys Harsh & Madhav and criticised the girl. Amity University was trending for a day after this unfortunate event happened.

People started raising their voice against fake feminism. Many hashtags became trending on Twitter.

A video was circulated on various social media platforms explaining what happened at Amity University.

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