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Corona Virus Vaccine to be produced on 12 Aug by Russia

In pic : Russia to produce first corona virus vaccine.

Russia is all set to launch next week's first COVID-19 vaccine in the world, according to news, despite the growing number of coronavirus cases worldwide. The vaccine was developed by both the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Defence . The vaccine is to be released on 12 August.

The vaccine is currently being tested on about 1,600 people after registration to ensure its safety and efficacy.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin instructed state officials in April to minimize clinical trial periods for a number of medications, including possible coronavirus vaccines.

Clinical trials of the vaccine between 76 volunteers began on June 17. According to news agency AP, half were injected with a vaccine in liquid form and the other half with a vaccine which came as soluble powder.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization urged Russia to adopt the guidelines developed for the development of safe and effective vaccines after Moscow announced plans to start manufacturing COVID-19 jabs quickly.

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