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Coronavirus Vaccine latest news and updates.

In Pic : Baba Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurved MD Acharya Balkrishna introduce Coronil, a self-proclaimed coronavirus remedy.

COVID-19 shows no signs of stoppage. While many countries are beginning to bounce back to some degree of normalcy, India is witnessing a rapid spike in cases of infection, and is now the fourth worst affected nation worldwide. Researchers work around the clock to produce a vaccine or find an effective pandemic-fighting treatment plan. Here is a round-up of the latest developments.

Patanjali Ayurveda, of Baba Ramdev, has said that its researchers have found a ready cure for the outbreak. The group's CEO, Acharya Balkrishna also said the medication was able to completely "cure" COVID-19 infected patients within 5-14 days during its test process.

In a statement he said, "After the Covid-19 outbreak, we appointed a team of scientists. First, the simulation was done and compounds were identified that can fight the virus and stop it from spreading in the body. Then, we conducted a clinical case study on hundreds of positive patients and we got 100% positive results.We are not thinking of a booster to immunity. We 're talking about a cure.’’ He also said the patients had tested negative for COVID-19 consecutively as well.

The drug regulatory board has recently given the product the go-ahead for clinical trials. If the results are indeed accurate, this will be the first alternative treatment successfully found in globally suppressing the viral spread.

If this update turns out to be promising, then it will be a huge breakthrough for the world fighting this pandemic.

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