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Cute and new ways of cafes and restaurants for ensuring social distancing.

Pic Source : Telangana today.

A host of public facilities such as restaurants and malls have started to open around the world, regardless of the fact that coronavirus is still a possible option. They were also asked, however, to observe strict regulations to ensure people's safety.

The restaurants are trying their best to get the business on track, from the glass cabins to permitting only takeaways. A café in Paris came up with an adorable idea in a similar incident to get itself new customers.

In a cafe in Paris, giant teddy bears have been put on dining tables to impose strict distance and dinner safety. The teddy bears are placed on either customer's side to make them feel safe.

In pic : Cafe in Paris.

Over the months we've seen a variety of innovative forms restaurants have taken to ensure social distance.

In Thailand, to ensure social distance, you are expected to sit with toy pandas while dinning. Thailand had eased some of its restrictions on lockdowns beginning May 3, including restaurants and cafes.

In pic : Cafe in Thailand.

For another incident in Germany, people dining at a cafe are required to wear 'pool noodles' as helmets to maintain social isolation.

In pic : Cafe in Germany.

Certainly, if nothing else the pandemic has improved people's creativity.

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