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Make a completely branded mobile app that reflects your professionalism and distinguishes your company. Wix's branded app integrates easily with your website, allowing users to book services, buy products, and connect with you. You have complete control over the app's features and content, and your app will be live in app stores once it has been approved.


Why Wix's Branded App?

Wix's Branded App allows you to develop a fully branded mobile app for your company. From your Wix account's Branded App dashboard and the Wix Owner app, create the app's features, content, and functioning. You have complete control over your app and may use all of Wix's commercial tools to improve your members' experience.

There are various ways to customise your branded app to suit your business goals, whether you run an online store, an educational firm, a cuisine blog, a fitness facility, or a restaurant.

The following are some examples of industries that could profit from a branded app:

Shops on the internet

Restaurants and event

Planning firms

Companies that specialise in fitness and universities that study fitness

The advantages of developing a branded app

When you create a branded app with Wix, you gain access to all of Wix's marketing and business tools, allowing you to provide a seamless digital experience for your visitors across your website and app. Other advantages of having a branded app include:

Increased client retention and loyalty

Improved community participation

Complete control of your brand

For your customers, a professional mobile experience

To promote your brand, send updates, and announce new products or services, use alerts as a marketing tool.

Wix's business and marketing features can be synced with your app & website.

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