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Google, Facebook, Microsoft, other technology firms are entering the litigation against revised visa

More than a hundred top American technology firms, including Google , Facebook and Microsoft, entered a complaint against the new regulation by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology against Immigration and Customs Compliance (ICE) on Monday that prohibits foreign students from remaining in the U.S. unless they attend at least one course in person.

These firms, along with the U.S., are seeking a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction The Chamber of Commerce and other IT advocacy groups claimed that the ICE Directive of 6 July would disrupt their recruitment plans, make it impossible to bring in international students that companies had planned to recruit and disrupt the recruitment process on which they relied.

The CPT program allows "alternative work / study, internship, co-operative education or other kind of internship or practice required by supporting employers through collaborative agreements with the school of a student." On the other hand, the OPT program allows for up to one year of part time employment, which is closely applicable to the major study area of an international student.

The firms said that closing off more than half of all international students from participating in the American business recruitment pipeline would harm businesses and the economy as a whole, and disrupt reliance expectations based on prior policies that allow international students to stay in the U.S.

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