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Indian villagers rediscovers 200-year-old Hindu Temple Buried for almost a century

Nageswara Swamy temple was officially rediscovered in India after it was buried in sand for 80 years. Experts believe the 200-year-old Perumallapadu structure began to be swept away by the big floods of 1850 — and by 1940 was completely filled and wrapped with sand and seawater.

Smithsonian, that the weather in 1850 altered the course of the Penna River so dramatically that it started redirecting sand into the temple for decades.

Although it remains disputed if the temple is 200 or 300 years old or not, there are a few things for sure.

In Pic : Nageswara Swami temple rediscovered.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Nageswara, an Avatar of the God Shiva, according to Ancient Origins.

Exceptionally, about 35 men, some of them miners, undertook the initiative to reemerge the beautiful structure. Many of them had returned home in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the missing temple stories energised them to do something.

The work officially began after the team of enthusiastic villagers collected enough money to fund the dig. Many even agreed to go free to work on the construction. The fact that it took an entire day of digging in the sand merely to reveal the pinnacle of the temple certainly summarizes the heft in terms of its size.

Although this achievement undoubtedly showed that they finally had the temple located, there is much more work to be done before the project is completed. As all Hindu temples, the parts of Nageswara Swamy follow a strict pattern laid out thousands of years ago — which all need to be revealed.

The villagers intend to complete the excavation as it stands, and restore the temple to its original purpose of worship.

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