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The Biggest Protest In Hong Kong History

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The protest in Hong Kong is about an extradition bill which would allow residents and visitors to be sent for trial to mainland China.

2 Million protesters in a city of the total population of 7 million. 2 out of 7 people are out on the road fighting for their rights in Hong Kong.

It all began when the Hong Kong government introduced a bill authorizing extradition to mainland China. This extradition bill would allow residents and visitors to be sent for trial to mainland China.

According to the Hong Kong government, they just wanted to align the city's law with International standard and fill the loopholes in the city's law.

But the people of Hong Kong don't buy that. They started protesting against the government and making sure that the extradition does not get passed.

According to the civilians, this bill will take the freedom of speech and it will be misused by making wrong claims on journalists, political leaders and the general public. The people rose up to defiance, jamming the streets with as many as 2 million people. The government reacted in violence ordering use of 150 tear gas in a single night.

Seeing the outcry of the public government suspended the extradition bill. Lam also issued a formal apology. A government statement said she “pledged to adopt a most sincere and humble attitude to accept criticisms and make improvements in serving the public.” But the protesters realised that her apology doesn't extend to harsh measures of police resulted in the killing of people.

Now, the protesters are demanding the resignation of Lam who insisted on pushing through the bill despite the initial public outcry.

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