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North Korea Gives Warning

On Thursday, North Korea conducted a test of two short-range missiles. These missiles flew into the sea of Japan, also called as East Sea by South Korea and East Sea of Korea by North Korea. These missiles were carried on to give a solemn warning to South Korea. Also, described as South Korean Warmongers by North Korea.

In response, South Korea says that the two missiles fired by North Korea were a "new type of short-range missile" and it poses a military threat & risks peace on the Korean Peninsula.

According to Leader Jong-un, his country was compelled to build weapons to eliminate potential threats. He is happy with the performance of new weapons and believes that it won't be easy to defend against it.

He further gave direct warning to South Korea that it should not make a mistake of ignoring the warnings.

The projectile launch can be due to the planned military exercises taking place between the US and South Korea. This could have made North Korea angry.

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