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Sab Sikhe Jane - Emerging youtube channel

Hailing from Delhi, a young man called Puneet started his journey of youtubing in 2016 that changed his life completely. He studied BCA and then randomly saw a video of 5 tips to earn from YouTube and then he decided to explore this field of youtube. With alot of challenges and hindrances, he broke all the barriers and made his own channel called ‘Sab Sikhe Jane’.

Educating himself and self learning from his own experiences he has come a long way. He always had this confidence that if others can do then why can’t I ? And he proved himself to the world. He came up with his own content of covering all the wholesale markets and to shop things in the most affordable ways.

With his content he started gaining a lot of subscribers and now his channel has 6.78 lakh subscribers in just one year.

He makes videos on all things be it mobile phones, shoes, accessories, carpets, wholesale markets etc. With his amicable nature and exciting and amazing content he has made a very strong bond with his youtube family.

You can also see his inspiring interview on his channel, click the link below :


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