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The despise of failure will not break me down,

The demented society will not break me down,

The criticism of others will not tear me down,

The fathom of `Me’ and my life will prevail.

The impulsion of life will keep me moving.

The deceptive two faced people will not smother me down.

I am the Woman.

Vulnerable, in vain, exquisite, frolic, simultaneously, skeptical, victim, peckish for love.

I combat to those who shows betrayal,

The suffocation of their prison of mind will not break me down.

I may have failed, and failed everytime,

But i will prevail from all the substandard thinking and myths.

Yes, i will prevail.

The only person I fight the battle is with me with the delusions of my mind.

No one has the right to break me down,

no one has the right to shut me down.

Because as long as i will keep empowering myself , i will avail my life into happiness.

Empowerment begins within and with me.

No askhole can stop me.

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