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There might never be a "Silver Bullet" of COVID-19, says WHO.

In pic : Hope to provide some successful vaccines to keep people from being infected: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The World Health Organization reported on Monday that given the effort to discover successful vaccines, there could never be a "silver bullet" for the new coronavirus!

The WHO advised governments and people to concentrate on doing the established necessities such as monitoring, touch tracking, maintaining physical distance, and wearing a mask to contain the pandemic that has caused a catastrophic economic crisis that has disrupted normal life across the globe.

According to a count from official sources collected by AFP, the novel coronavirus has killed nearly 690,000 people and infected at least 18.1 million since the epidemic began in Wuhan , China last December.

On July 10, the United Nations Health Agency sent Beijing an epidemiologist and an animal health expert to lay the foundation for a trial to determine how the virus reached the human race.

Scientists suspect that the killer virus transferred from animals to humans, likely from a market in Wuhan City where exotic animals were sold for meat.

Early in the outbreak, Chinese officials said the virus may have spread from a city market that sold live and wild animals, but no further confirmation has been revealed about that.

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