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UN Chief frustated by lack of global cooperation on Covid 19

The UN chief criticized the total lack of international coordination in addressing the

Covid 19 pandemic and warned that many countries' take-it-alone policies won't defeat the coronavirus.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said what needs to be done is to make countries understand that by acting in isolation, "they are creating the situation that gets out of control"-and that global coordination is key.’’

He said, "in the response to the Covid there is a total lack of coordination between countries." Guterres said it is necessary to use this reality "to make countries realize that bringing them together, building up their capacities, not only to combat the pandemic in a coordinated way, but also to work together to ensure that medicines, testing processes, vaccinations are available to everyone. From the outset of the pandemic, Guterres has tried to organize international action to address what he says is the world's biggest challenge since World War II. He called for a global cease-fire on March 23 against all conflicts to tackle Covid-19 but the reaction was very limited. And his and Who chief requests for the battle against Covid-19 for international "solidarity" has not contributed to major improvements in nationalist approaches to the treatment of the virus. Guterres said, ''I am frustrated, of course, with the lack of international cooperation at the present moment, but I hope that the new generations will be able to make things change in the future." The Secretary-General said he sees "a huge unity movement" in societies and communities, and more voices say, for instance, that a vaccine must be "a people's vaccine, not a vaccine in a country-to - country commercial dispute to benefit the rich and the poor not." "So, when I listen to youth's voices, when I listen to civil society's voices, I see the seeds that hopefully will quantify in a much better coordination in the future around response to pandemics like this one," Guterres said.

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