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US government takes adequate action against Inmates

The US Federal Government has decided to carry on executing death-row prisoners, after a long 16-year break.

The Bureau of Prison (BOP) has been directed by Attorney General William Barr to make arrangements for the executions of five inmates. These five inmates had been pronounced guilty of murders or rapes. Their executions have been planned for December 2019 and January 2020. This announcement uplifts the ongoing informal moratorium death sentence as upheld to state-directed executions. According to Robert Dunham from the Death Penalty Information, the judgment didn't come as a shock as President Trump is a firm supporter of capital punishments and has proposed some utmost uses of it. In the past, he has displayed a tough attitude towards criminals. He also believes that they are handled very tenderly and provided with too many opportunities. So the biggest wonder is that what it took so long. The Federal Government has instructed the prison administrations to use a single drug cocktail rather than the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions. This drug works as a sedative that slows down every part of the human body leading to death. Resuming the execution death-row of criminals will surely impact them. Maybe they will think twice before committing a crime, or they will simply not occur it because of fear. Also, the government owes to the victims and their families to make the criminals pay for their crime. Murders and rapes should not be overlooked, and harsh judgement should be taken. In this way, our society will make progress and crime rates will fall in the future.

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