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US Trade War With China And Other Countries

In history, the war was fought generally by men and weapons. But as we have developed and have moved to a new era, things have changed drastically. Now a new war has started, i.e. Trade war.

It was initiated when Trump government announced that they have given instructions to the US Trade Representatives (USTR).

The instructions were to impose an additional $100 billion tariff on Chinese goods in an escalating trade dispute.

After that, the USTR published a long list of import items that could receive up to 25% increase in tariff.

In response, the Chinese government also stated that they are ready and will take adequate actions if needed.

Since then the countries have increased tariff on the goods imported to them. Also, the US not only targeted China but many other nations. The matter escalated and the relationship between the US and Chinese Company Huawei officially became worse. Huawei is the 2nd largest vendor of mobile phones in the world. The tension has been mounting for nearly a year and a half.

The primary source of conflict is that US intelligence and lawmaker believe that Huawei acts on behalf of the Chinese government. This undermines US national security and posing cybersecurity and privacy risks for American and UK customers. The US passed a law that banned US companies from doing any business with Chinese companies. Thus, Google was forced into suspending Huawei Android license. The most significant business dealings of Huawei is with Google, the developer of Android. And suspension of Android licenses by Google will have huge implications for owners of Huawei smartphones and tablets.

Followed by this action Huawei says it has been preparing for this eventually. It has been building its own technology which will not be relied on US tech giants. Also, last year chief executive Richard Yu said in an interview that the company has a backup plan if it ever is cut off from the likes of Google and Microsoft. And that’s our plan B but of course, we prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft.

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